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One of our “rapid fixes”…….Sept. 28, 2011

Man with Farzana 2

One of the advantages of being a small grass-roots organization is that there are very few levels of approval. So when a well runs dry at one of our community learning centers, we can say “drill deeper” right away.  Of course, since we run as a partnership with the Afghans, we offer to pay  half […]

Setbacks and Progress, Part 2….August 24, 2011

One of our computer classes was burglarized a couple of weeks ago.  Fortunately we had enough computers to replace the computers. We must, however, buy flat screen monitors. When people upgrade their computers, they hang on to their monitors. We’re always in search of flat screen monitors, should you decide to upgrade yours. BEFORE THE […]

Setbacks and Progress, Part 1….August 17, 2011

Zohra, not to be denied

From our most recent newsletter: TIE’s recent setbacks are minor. Its recent new undertakings are having major impact. Some of both are reported below.  The time/progress graph will never have a straight line.   The gratifying news in these uncertain times is that we are not being forced to downsize. At least, not yet. Continue to enlist […]

Nelab becomes first in her class…August 15, 2011

Nelab with her brother, mother and sister

Nelab, one of the street children sponsored by Trust in Education, has become first in her class!  She is very hard working and intelligent. Nelab’s brother is mentally ill and needs regular treatment. Her mother washes the neighbors’ clothes to support her family.   Nelab said, “If my father was alive, my family wouldn’t face […]