Afghan Jewelry

The lyrical name of Lapis Lazuli is a blend: ‘lapis’ is the Latin word for stone, and ‘azula’ comes from Arabic, and means blue.

This opaque, deep blue gemstone has a grand past. It was among the first gemstones to be worn as jewelry. Raw lapis lazuli is a deep, dark blue color, often with golden flecks and whitish marble veins. The golden shimmery flecks, which give the stone the magic of a starry sky, are not gold as people used to think, but pyrites. Their cause is iron.

The best raw stones still come from the steep Hindu Kush in the north-east of Afghanistan, as they did 5000 years ago. The chunks of blue rock, extracted from the inhospitable mountains by blasting, are brought down in the summer months by mules.

We hand carry each piece of Lapis Lazuli and tribal design jewelry from Afghanistan. Many of the pieces hold genuine Lapis is from the Bedakhshan province in northern Afghanistan, which is the world’s main source for this gemstone.

Lapis is said to enhance stress-relief, harmony, and impart a sense of peace and inner self-knowledge.  Lapis is also said to stimulate creativity, and bonding in friendships and love.


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