Computer Library YouTube Videos

We are often asked what people can do to help TIE other than write a check. It’s difficult to find work for everyone. Most of our work is done in Afghanistan. We finally have something everyone can do.

We are working with Kahn Academy to provide educational videos that will be accessible on and offline in Afghanistan.  Kahn Academy has created a website within its website (Khan Academy Dari) for our videos. We know that these videos are being accessed online in Afghanistan now!

To make the videos accessible to children who don’t have access to the internet we will be providing two things. First, computer libraries where children can study on their own. Second, tablets, loaded with the videos, that students will be able to check out, as they would a library book. Tablets make it possible to bring education into homes! Girls who are not allowed or able to go to school will be able to learn from home! The information on the tablets and computers will be updated over time as we produce more videos.

How can you help? Join TIE’s first scavenger hunt. Search for videos on YouTube that are informative, interesting and/or funny that needn’t be translated and send the link to us. The libraries and tablets will become even more enjoyable to explore.

You can send the links to: and we will upload them onto the flash drives.

Here are a few of the gems that our supporters have already “found”. Enjoy!