Trust in Education, in conjunction with Stop Hunger Now, packs 120,000 meals for Afghanistan 11/6/2011
Volunteers pack up clothing and household goods to send to Afghan families. 10/23/11
NBC’s Brent Cannon interviews Budd MacKenzie about rebuilding schools in Afghanistan  9/13/11
  NBC interview of Budd Mackenzie about Trust in Education May 2011
Philanthropists Work Together To Build School For Afghan Girls 3/25/2010
  Michelle Toy and Brent Cannon of NBC interview Budd for Emmy-nominated “Moving Pictures”, Spring 2008
Aimee Allison with Budd MacKenzie for Comcast Local Edition 3/13/2007


Videos from Trust in Education


Leaders from camps of “Internally Displaced Persons” (refugees) came to Trust in Education in Kabul to learn about solar cooking and to receive the stoves to take home to the camps. Oct. 2011



What is Trust in Education? A non profit, grassroots organization, Trust in Education supports education and economic development projects in Afghanistan. Sept 2011



In a video created for children in Afghanistan, an American teen describes life in American and explains values they might have common. June 2011

Trust in Education volunteers have built 100 solar ovens for Afghanistan and are now introducing solar cooking into villages and refugee camps in Kabul. This was the first cooking lesson given by Nabi Tawakali to Wahid. Wahid not only liked the meal, he looks forward to learning how to cook with solar. April 2011

This young Afghan girl from a refugee camp cleans up during one of Trust in Education’s distribution days in Kabul. The clothes are donated by Americans and shipped to Afghanistan through the Denton program. Nov 2009

This video depicts one of Trust In Education distributions of clothing, blankets, shoes, toys, school and medical supplies donated in the United States and shipped to Afghanistan through the Denton program. This program administered by USAID provides free shipping by the US Air Force of humanitarian aid on a space availability basis. Nov 2008

Trust in Education supports over 25 teachers in Afghanistan, teaching math, science, literacy, English, art and computers. This Afghan girl is practicing the alphabet for one of the English classes. May 2007

Budd MacKenzie, founder of Trust in Education, hands out books and school supplies to Afghan boys in a class supported by TIE. May 2007.

Afghan boys thank the American supporters of Trust in Education for school supplies and books. May 2007

This video shows the difference between tomatoes produced with seeds provided by Trust in Education and seeds purchased by farmers in Kabul. The seeds were planted at the same time. The average number of tomatoes per plant from seeds purchased in Kabul is 30. Seeds provided by TIE produce an average of 80! The tomatoes are also much larger. The combined effect of number and size increases yields by a factor of over 300%.! Thank you Nabi Tawakali, owner of Pacific Seed Company, located in Walnut Creek, California. May 2007

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