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Two of our dedicated teachers

Afghan teachers, like their American counterparts, work hard to inspire the children in their classroom. They know what a difference education will make in their future. They do this work in a very challenging environment, with few supplies, minimal training, low pay and—for teachers of girls—the threat of being targeted by extremists. Some of Trust in Education’s teachers are putting their lives on the line to educate girls. We discovered that many, like American teachers, were using their own money to buy supplies for their classrooms.


A few American teachers, led by Rozan Gautier, decided to make a monthly contribution to TIE’s budget to raise teacher salaries and provide supplies to the classrooms. Trust in Education has been able to raise teacher salaries from $60 to $100 a month and provided additional compensation to teachers who teach afterschool classes in math, science, and art. TIE has also been able to provide school supplies to several classes and give annual bonuses to some of its better teachers. During meetings held with our teachers, they tell us how important this support is and thankful they are for it.

The program uses a monthly deduction from your bank account or credit card (which can be cancelled at any time) to support these teachers. Send us an email and we will sign you up.


Who joins the Teacher-to-Teacher program?

  1. Teachers who want to help other teachers.
  2. Parents and grandparents who want a special and unique way to honor their child’s teacher. We will send a card to the teachers, letting them know that they were the inspiration for helping teachers thousand of miles away.
  3. People who want to have a direct and ongoing impact on TIE’s ability to educate.

The program uses a monthly deduction from participants’ credit cards (which can be cancelled at any time). Send us an email or call and we will sign you up.

Teachers from the Accelerated Learning Program

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