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For many families in Afghanistan it is not uncommon for one or more children to be the breadwinners of their families.  An estimated 60,000 children beg, sell gum, look for scrap metal, and shine shoes on the streets of Kabul or do menial work in shops or by house cleaning. In many cases one or both parents of these children were killed or injured and disabled during the war.  Often the families cannot afford to allow their children to attend school and forgo the income they generate.  And for girls getting married at a very young age is not unusual because of being a considered a financial burden to their families.

You can profoundly change the life of one of these children through our sponsorship program.  As a sponsor you make it possible for a child from an impoverished family to attend school and completely focus on his or her studies versus doing menial work which has no better future.  And the chances for a young woman to have self-determination greatly improves once she has finished her studies at the university.  Once she was another mouth to feed, but as a working professional with a good income she now can help provide for parents as they get older and other siblings who may also want to go to school.

  • Sponsor a child for $660 a year ($50 a month for 12 months plus $60/year for program costs.)
  • It makes bookkeeping much easier if sponsors can pay the full $660 in advance with a check.
  • If you need to make payments or pay by credit card, call.
  • Send checks to:
    Trust in Education
    985 Moraga Rd. Ste. 207 Lafayette, California 94549

                 Sponsorship Flyer (pdf)  Please share.

Your sponsorship funds are paid directly to your sponsored child every month.

Every payday the students must have proof of their attendance. Motivation is not a problem. Children doing menial work, more than anyone else, know the value of an education and work hard to stay off the streets.

Sponsorship means much more than monetary support. Through photos and letters carried back and forth (which we translate), you will be able to communicate with one another. Knowing that someone cares can be the difference between working hard versus giving up.

We recognize that nothing remains the same in life.  Should circumstances dictate that you need to discontinue your sponsorship, we request 60 days notice so that we can find another sponsor to carry on with the support of your child.  One can build a well or finance an irrigation project then leave, but funding an education is a long-term commitment. TIE does everything possible to avoid disrupting the education of sponsored children.

A child who lives up to his/her end of the agreement should never go back to the streets for lack of a sponsor.


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