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Invite Budd MacKenzie to Speak

Part of our mission is to share information and insights that are seldom covered in the news.

We live in a media age that dwells on the statements and actions of extremists, unfortunately creating more hatred and extremists in the process.

Some of us are tired of hearing and watching stories about death, destruction, corruption, and what politicians and pundits have to say.

Budd MacKenzie, our founder, enjoys talking to groups about the villages and Afghans he works with and challenges encountered in bringing education, health care, economic and reconstruction aid to Afghanistan. He’s been to Afghanistan 16 times over the past nine years and plans to continue going twice a year.

Why invite Budd?

“Budd is nothing short of inspirational…He reminds each of us that we can all play a role in making a positive impact in what often feels like an insane world. When all around us seems to be overwhelming and everyone feels helpless, Budd shows us the way.
With great humility, in his quiet unassuming way, Budd gingerly nudges us and delights us adding his wonderful sense of humor. It is truly a pleasure to know him.”

Annette Ladowitz

“Budd Mackenzie is a true humanitarian. In Afghanistan, he builds bridges between people, brings education to those hungry to learn and provides tools for those seeking for economic independence.
His attitude of person-to-person contact and assistance is exactly how he is changing the minds and hearts of Afghans and Americans alike. Once you are in his presence and listen to his words, you can only ask how much can I give? What can I do? Thank you for making your life about creating a world with more understanding and kindness.”

Katie Cooney, Travel Expert & Photographer

What groups have invited Budd to speak?

  • World Affairs Councils
  • Clubs: Rotary, Lions, Soroptomist, Kiwanis, Junior League,  Sons in Retirement, AAUW
  • Places of worship
  • Conferences
  • Other community groups

In addition to his presentations at service and community organizations, Budd has spoken at dozens of schools—elementary, middle, high school, and colleges.

Not only do his talks open the eyes of American school children, but, if a school decides to raise funds, Budd returns a year later to provide a progress report. He has been asked back by several schools every year for six years.

Currently, most of the schools have chosen to raise funds to support two street children (one boy and one girl). The street children are, as a consequence of this support, able to get off the streets and into school.

We watch over the street children as best we can, and Budd reports on their progress in his annual visits to the schools. American children are given an opportunity to permanently alter the lives of less fortunate children and monitor their progress.

Budd is available to speak to organizations and schools throughout the Bay Area. He would be happy to travel anywhere else, too, if expenses are covered.

Contact us and we can plan a date.

“Fun raising”…

You can also use your passion and creativity to help Afghanistan by planning a “fun raising” event. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Want ideas? Here are some examples of what others have done:

  • Guess Who is Coming to Dinner? Aase Schoen planned a dinner party to raise money for Zohra’s school, with Budd and Zohra as the featured guests. Aase and some friends sponsored the dinner and charged her 35 guests to attend. (You could also just ask for donations).
    Budd and Zohra gave a short presentation followed by Q&A and dinner. Dinner parties are well attended, informative, enjoyable and very helpful in expanding TIE’s base of support. The smaller venue encourages more in-depth conversation. Providing an opportunity for Budd to inform, “eat, drink, and be merry” is more than welcome.
  • Concert for a Cause: Janet Thomas, retired teacher from Acalanes High School in Lafayette brought the Shumba Marimba Youth Ensemble from Seattle, Washington. This June 2010 benefit was surely one of a kind: the youth from Seattle played music from Africa, in Lafayette, to benefit Afghanistan!
  • Alternate Gift Giving: At Jeff Lee’s 50th birthday party, he asked his guests to “donate twice their age” to Trust In Education, and collected checks at his party. He raised over $10,000 by inviting the oldest people he knew (not really). This type of alternative gift giving can be requested at any happy occasion. Of course, celebrations of milestone birthdays of 50 and up are encouraged!
  • Traveling Postcards: Caroline Lovell gathered others for a postcard making party, to create postcards of love and creativity that connect people here with villagers in Afghanistan. The event also raised matching funds to support TIE’s art classes for Afghan children.
  • Afghan-themed events that would be fun for the entire family include a kite-flying festival or a “kabob-off” (like a bake-off but with Afghan-themed foods.)

Other fun suggestions include movie nights, walk-athons, dance-athons, and “Taste of parties” from several restaurants.

Contact us with your ideas and we can work together!