Knit, Crochet … Quilt?

This is a project people can do individually or as a social group.

We have people around the U.S. who get together to knit or crochet or quilt, combining two health-promoting activities in one!

We are always in need for knitted and crocheted WOOL Blend hats, mittens, and socks for our students, street children, and internally displaced families in Afghanistan.  Quilts and blankets are also in demand.

Believe it or not, one of the contributors to the very high Infant-Mortality rate in Afghanistan (the highest in the world), is that new born babies are sent home with nothing covering their head or feet!

And, as you know, winters in Afghanistan are brutal.

Below are GUIDELINES for making items:Aschiana girls with cookies2

Hats: From newborn – 1 year and 7 years – adult:

— For babies, minimum head circumference is 10″. Do NOT make hats for preemie sizes.
— Be sure that hats cover ears. A ribbing that folds over is a good way to avoid hats that are too shallow.
— Hats need stretch for comfort over forehead. Be careful when binding off.
— For babies, ear flaps and under-chin ties are acceptable.

*^* Socks: Babies from newborn – 1 year and from 7 years – adult:

— Basic socks with proper heels and coverage for the lower leg.
— PLEASE DO NOT send booties or slippers or tube socks.
— For babies, minimum foot length of 2.5″.
— For ages 7 years to adult, any foot length (measuring from back of heel to tip of toe) from about 6.5″ – 10″ is good.

— KNITTED SOCKS Only (crochet doesn’t work well for socks).
— Socks should match. >> Tie mates together.

^*^ Mittens: Ages 7 years – adult (NO mittens for babies):

— Small adult-sized mittens will fit older teens.
— No fingerless styles.
— Make sure wrist-ribbing is long enough for warmth.
— Careful to avoid holes at the thumb increases.
— Use dense gauge to help ensure warmth.
— Mittens in a pair should match. >> Tie mates together.

Making socks, mittens, and hats is a terrific chance to use leftover yarn.  These are portable projects that take less time.
PLAY a lot with color!

Please assume standard garment sizes.

>> Please AVOID Red, White and Blue colors combined on one item.<<

Send items to:
Trust in Education
985 Moraga Rd., Ste. 207
Lafayette, CA 94549