Engage your community

Get Involved. Engage Your Community.

Be the catalyst and engage your community in supporting an Afghan village for three to five years.

We learned long ago that temporary help is just that, temporary. During our second visit to the village of Lalander, a leader of the village reached into his back pocket and pulled out a stack of soiled and worn business cards and handed them to us. Pointing to the cards he said, “Every one of those people came to my house and never came back. I thought you were going to be one of those people.”

We have gone back 18 times over the past nine years, addressing needs identified and prioritized by the villagers living in Lalander.

Those needs included: 

  • Funding a $19,000 irrigation project
  • Over 23,000 fruit trees planted
  • Playground equipment
  • A soccer field and training program
  • Home schooled classes for girls
  • Computer classes
  • Widening a road
  • Constructing several foot bridges, some over treacherous water
  • and providing clothing, rice, vegetable seeds and fertilizer.

All three thousand villagers know that we represent hundreds of families living in the United States who have been committed to helping them free themselves from their dependence upon others.

You can become the messenger.

You will make it possible for your community to become directly engaged in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, and in the struggle for human rights, particularly for women. It will be a most rewarding experience! Guaranteed!!!

What can you do?

Engage your community…

  • Arrange a series of speaking engagements to educate and enlist your community, typically at schools, community organizations, places of worship, etc.
  • Set up dinner parties or other smaller venues for more in-depth conversations.
  • Show our videos and encourage your friends and neighbors to share the links as well.
  • Sign up, and encourage your friends to sign up for our email newsletter list.
  • Talk to your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow community members about the possibility of supporting a village.
  • Enlist the support of your city government, chamber of commerce, and service organizations, such as Rotary, Soroptomist, Lions, Kiwanis and Junior League.
  • Organize with others a broad range of fundraising events (link to “Plan an event”).

What Trust In Education can do:

  • Share with you the organizing activities that have proven successful.
  • Identify an Afghan village worthy of support.
  • Work with the village to identify and prioritize their needs.
  • Match their needs with your communities’ funding preferences and ability to fund.
  • Oversee the implementation of programs and projects chosen.
  • Keep you informed with reports and photos, that you can share with your community.

Recognize that “the village to village” model requires a commitment over time, so that both communities are changed by the relationship.

Education in both worlds is critical. We have placed our trust in education and will do whatever we can to TIE villages together.

Give us a call—we would love to help you engage your community!

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