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Small Stuff – Can Mean So Much

 Ms. Krug and Walnut Creek Intermediate School     Shortly before I left for Kabul mid October, I had the pleasure of giving a talk to Julie Krug’s class at Walnut Creek Intermediate School. I arrived early and was able to watch her teach French.     Her students all had white erase boards with dry markers […]

When School is Out — Classes are Becoming “In”

     Afghan children attend public schools no more than four hours a day six days a week. There are two school sessions, morning and afternoon. A teacher is required to teach only one session.     Teachers can therefore teach before and after school classes, provided there is a room. For several years we have been […]

Julianne Moore, Alan Cumming and TIE Endorse Gender Equality

In 2013, Jill Humphries conducted several filmed interviews inside an Afghan shelter for women.  Her films led to the production of an online video narrated by Dan Rather, called “ Spirit Indestructible“…that everyone should watch. TIE is currently assisting Jill in finding sources for medical supplies to be used in a medical clinic she and […]

Improving Their Future One Child at a Time

Qualified Female Teachers in Short Supply Eight years ago it was impossible to find a qualified female teacher willing to teach in Lalander, the first village where TIE financed the construction of a school. Many families in Lalander would not allow their daughters to be taught by a man. Most were also afraid to let […]

Boy Crazy – Kabul 2014

October 2014 Nabi and I participated in payday yesterday for the children sponsored through TIE.    We meet with the sponsored children every visit (twice a year).  Computer classes were trumped by a gender equality revelation that came out during one interview.     We have several super stars who are being sponsored. Among them are […]

Women’s Rights and a Petition

A planned assassination attempt on Malala Yousofzai’s life in October of 2012 occurred because she publicly advocated that girls be allowed to attend school. The oppression and suppression of women occurs daily, throughout the world, resulting in millions of women living in fear. The United States government, and Trust in Education for that matter, has […]

We Cannot Rely Solely on Education …

We cannot rely solely on education and advocacy to gain equal rights for women. It’s taking too long and will not succeed, where male supremacists reign. In Just 8 Years,  Maybe Sooner… We will be married to a man 20+ years older We won’t leave the house without a legitimate reason, if our community even […]

Alum Builds Solar Cookers for Afghan Refugees

From the USF Newsroom 05-21-2014 It’s graduation season, and a new class of USF students will soon launch careers in law, science, nonprofits, business, and more. Almost all of them want to change the world; some already have. This month, we’re celebrating the pioneers who are leading and succeeding with stories about USF students, alumni, and […]

Education Sponsorship Program

Since 2009 Trust In Education has provided an opportunity for individuals and schools to sponsor students in Afghanistan. Life is extremely difficult for many of these children. In all cases the families are very poor, and many of these children were previously working on the streets to help support their families. Through the sponsorship of […]

Highlights of 2013

A TIME TO REFLECT ON CHANGES WE’VE MADE TOGETHER        Mir Hussain is blind                  Zohra and Lailee embrace a brighter future   Just a few years ago, Mir, Zohra and Lailee were “street children” working on the streets of Kabul. They just completed their first year of college. […]

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