Budd Recommendations

“MedShare has had the opportunity to collaborate with Budd and Trust In Education for several years. He is passionate and pragmatic, with an incredibly strong commitment to the cause of educating girls and young women in Afghanistan. Budd deftly navigates his organization through a challenging landscape in that country–all with a minimum amount of fanfare and a maximum amount of respect, care and integrity.”—Chuck Haupt, Executive Director, MedShare International Inc.


“Budd not only has a big heart, but is also very innovative and he realizes that connecting American families with Afghan families is an important way to win their hearts and minds. He has risked his own life in these pursuits and that alone tells me how seriously he takes this mission. I firmly believe in the mission of educating and rebuilding Afghan villages and I firmly believe that Budd is the right man for the job.”—John Daher, Principal Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Research Institute; private consultant


“Educating girls is of the utmost importance in helping to build civil society. Budd’s courage and commitment are extraordinary. I am proud to be associated with this effort.”—Susan Colby, Partner, McKinsey & Co.


“I have observed Budd’s engagement with students, staff and members of the Lafayette community. His work is incredibly meaningful and important; his presentations are absolutely riveting. Budd is making a profound difference in our community and in our world!”—Fred Brill, Superintendent, San Lorenzo School District