Education Sponsorship Program

Over the past two years, Trust in Education has enabled American donors to sponsor 80 street children in Kabul.  Life is extremely difficult for these children. We are able to help them attend school and change the course of their lives.

Approximately 60,000 children work on the streets of Kabul, begging, selling gum, looking for scrap metal, shining shoes, and doing whatever it takes to survive. Often, they are the breadwinners in their families.  Through sponsorship—a mere $55 per month—street children are able to attend school and stop working on the streets. To learn how you can become a sponsor, see Sponsor a Street Child.

To receive this financial support, the children and their families must agree, in writing, that the children will no longer work the streets and will attend school. A “street child” earns on average $50 – $60 a month. By agreeing to a set income generated by their child of $50 a month, many families are investing in their child’s education along with their sponsor.

If a sponsored child is found working on the street or misses school,  TIE’s program director, Qudsia, will meet with the family to address any problems.

Street children are highly motivated to learn. They know what it is like to be dependent upon the streets. Qudsia serves as an intermediary between the children, their families and their sponsors. Qudsia, a mother with three of her own children, is passionate about her work with the street children.

Obtaining a sponsor is a life-altering event for a street child. Become a life-altering force!  Sponsor a Child!

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