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Educate a Mind, and Change Their World: Our Latest Project with Kahn Academy
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Education is the solution to almost everything. But, how do we make a quality education accessible to all? One solution is to provide free educational software on the internet. This is the vision of Sal Kahn, founder of Kahn Academy.

Afghanistan’s public school system and most Afghan families don’t have computers. Nor can they afford access to the internet. Even if they could, the Kahn Academy videos are in English. Solution: Provide translated educational videos and material offline.



Why TIE?
I’ve often wondered why people contribute their time and money to Trust in Education. There’s no shortage of worthy organizations and causes.  I know why I’m here. Been there, seen the conditions and now know the history of our involvement in Afghanistan. These proved life altering.
Cheryl Bowlan volunteered to pose “the why question” and videotape responses.They have been posted on YouTube:


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