We Cannot Rely Solely on Education …

We cannot rely solely on education and advocacy to gain equal rights for women.

It’s taking too long and will not succeed, where male supremacists reign.

Two girls at a desk, cuIn Just 8 Years,  Maybe Sooner…

  • We will be married to a man 20+ years older

  • We won’t leave the house without a legitimate reason, if our community even allows it

  • We will be refused maintenance and medical attention if we deny our husbands conjugal rights

  • Our fathers or brothers can beat or kill us if our husbands complain and are not happy with us…

  • Or if we shame them by running away from his abusive outrage and beatings

  • We are not protected by anyone or anything …

unless you decide to help us…

Won’t you please sign this petition

to give them a voice?

We are asking that in allocating Foreign Aid,
the United States government be required to take into consideration the extent to which a country has laws and regulations that promote or adversely impact the achievement of gender equality.

Simply Call Trust in Education
and we’ll add you to the Petition


Thank you for giving them a chance
to improve their lives.


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