Education Sponsorship Program

Since 2009 Trust In Education has provided an opportunity for individuals and schools to sponsor students in Afghanistan.

Life is extremBeggar boyely difficult for many of these children. In all cases the families are very poor, and many of these children were previously working on the streets to help support their families.

Through the sponsorship of a child you offer them the opportunity to attend school and potentially change the course of their lives.

We support both boys and girls; for the latter this is often the first opportunity they will have to go to school.

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Currently, approximately 80 children are being assisted through our sponsorship program.  A few have now even reached college level studies.

How it Works…

Your cost to sponsor a student in Afghanistan through our program is a $660 per year through high school.  By providing a steady income through your sponsorship you are providing the family the ability to send their child to school.

Each month our sponsorship program students “earn” $50 towards their school expenses and their families’ living expenses.  The balance of $60 is applied by TIE towards the expenses of sustaining this program.

To become a sponsor you will fill out an application form and supply payment for a full year with either credit card or check.

Periodically, you will receive information and photos about your Afghan student.

Whenever someone from TIE travels to Afghanistan we hand deliver mail between sponsors and the children they assist.

Please Contact Us for more information or to initiate your sponsorship today.2 girls Writing contest 9.10

We Can’t Brighten Their Future

Without You!

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