300,000 Meals Begin Their Journey

On Sunday, November 10th, joined by around 55 volunteers, we packed 33,336 packages of rice  =  200,016 meals in less than 4 hours!

You got the job done!
The atmosphere in the warehouse was upbeat, and it was a joy watching the elementary and middle school kids happily banging lids onto the buckets of rice hour after hour.  I walked around reminding them to take a break now and then!A muffin and bottle of juice later, they were back in place.  It was like watching Santa’s elves busily assembling toys for children.

Students came from WCI, Acalanes, the Meher Schools, Saratoga Elementary, Redwood Middle School, St. Andrews, Bentley and Country Club in San Ramon.

family of rice packers
These girls were like the Energizer bunny!A couple of 7th and 8th graders decided to haul  boxes of rice that weighed as much as they probably did…to the tables, as a ‘break’ from their mallets.  I wanted to hand out Ribbons at the end of the day!

Energetic Volunteers arrived in all sizes and equally pitched in to pack buckets of rice
* * *  * *  * * *

The total meals we will deliver in the next 45 days =  300,000 bringing year total to

over 600,000 meals that you helped pack!

That will go a long way to feed a large number of families through the harsh winter months.

A first time volunteer from Berkeley gets second pallet of rice ready for shipping

I think our old-time volunteers were just as surprised and thrilled as we were to watch our new crop of volunteers put their hearts and souls into the work.  A good time was had by all.

You were all AWESOME!

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