Lapis Jewelry Sales To Support Afghan Education

TIE is selling beautiful Afghan lapis jewelry. Each piece has been improved by our dedicated quality control volunteer, Suzanne Rogge. Suzanne creates her own beautiful jewelry pieces and donates a portion of her profits to TIE and other nonprofit organizations close to her heart.

Suzanne did some online research and this is what she discovered;
“Many of these pieces are made with genuine lapis lazuli from the Bedakhshan province in northern Afghanistan which is the world’s main source for this gemstone.   Mined in this region for 6000 years, lapis was traded all along the old Silk Road and has been found in ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and Mesopotamian sites of antiquity.
Most famous for a deep luscious cobalt blue color, lapis is said to have properties which include releasing stress as well as creating harmony, a sense of peace and deep inner self knowledge.  Lapis is also said to stimulate creativity, and bonding in friendships and love relationships.”

We could all use a little lapis in our lives!

By purchasing this beautiful jewelry, you not only have the satisfaction of supporting the work we do in Afghanistan, but also the knowledge that you are supporting the livelihood of Afghan artisans and their families.

With a little luck and a lot of work we’ll create a TIE line of Afghan jewelry, the income from which will rebuild lives.

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