NEWSLETTER – June 2012

The packing party held four days ago once again demonstrated the strength and depth of TIE’s volunteer base.  The call went out and over 100 showed up. We packed 279 large boxes of clothing, blankets, shoes, toys, stuffed animals and Mylar. We also filled plastic buckets with enough rice for 140,000 meals.

It was a six hour beat-the-clock challenge that ended a half hour early. Next time we will bring band aids, more box cutters, Ben Gay, and a few cots. There were several who should have rested and didn’t. Marathon runners have nothing on TIE’s packing crew.

Everything in the warehouse was donated, including the warehouse. The Peet’s coffee stores in Lafayette, Pleasant Hill and Alamo  were responsible for the thousands of mylar bags that will be used to make solar ovens. Stop Hunger Now donated the rice and use of their warehouse.  Paramount Global Services donated over two thousand plastic buckets. The buckets protect the rice from vermin while in transit and later become water containers.

Representatives from  the AAUW Women’s Orinda-Moraga-Lafayette Branch Sister to Sister program brought 32 double-fleece blankets that seventy two of their members made. Each blanket included a personalized letter and photo of whoever made the blanket. The first grade Clovers of Indian Valley Elementary School in Walnut Creek had previously held their own clothing drive.  They brought sealed and labeled boxes of clothing that were already sorted.

       In all honesty, I didn’t think we would finish. Thank You!!! It is reassuring to know we have that many people willing to roll up their sleeves. The stuff redistribution program’s growth curve has not leveled out or turned south. There aren’t too many charts today that can make that claim.
PS:  I’m sure I may be forgetting to mention other noteworthy donations. Please forgive the memory or lack thereof. There is altogether too much to remember.
I’m not the only one impacted by the emissions from the coffee bags. Jack made the sign. Note the spelling of Paramount. See what happens without spell check.