Setbacks and Progress, Part 2….August 24, 2011

One of our computer classes was burglarized a couple of weeks ago.  Fortunately we had enough computers to replace the computers. We must, however, buy flat screen monitors. When people upgrade their computers, they hang on to their monitors. We’re always in search of flat screen monitors, should you decide to upgrade yours.

Computer Classroom Wahid's
Break in  computer room

One of the difficult challenges for us, is to know when and how to withdraw financial support. We want to create programs that eventually are self-supporting. No one knows how long TIE can continue.

The burglary presented us with an opportunity to appeal to the families to contribute to the computer program.  The teacher was asked to approach the families with a request to contribute $2 a month. This would not be enough to pay the cost of the program. Only five of the 60 families have agreed so far, and most have declined. One day we will require contributions from families that can afford to contribute and see what happens. It’s a difficult call to make. We don’t want to deprive children of an opportunity to learn, because their families decide it’s not worth it. We already have enough trouble convincing fathers to let their daughters attend.  Yet, we must move toward the day when they are no longer dependent upon TIE.  It’s not in their interest to be dependent on anyone.  That struggle is, for now, being reserved for another day.

soccer girls playing


Over a year ago we were asked to pay the cost of constructing a soccer field in the village of Quallah Loqman and to fund a soccer program. We agreed and asked whether they would have a soccer program for the boys and one for girls. At first we were told a program for the girls would not be possible. Six weeks later I received several photos, including the one above. The headmaster of the girls school had organized a program for the girls. As most of you know this was a major breakthrough, a foot in the door to establishing girls soccer in the area.  For more info on that feat, click here.

This April we asked whether they could add a soccer program for the older girls. The headmaster said it’s too soon. The village isn’t ready. But, as these girls grow older, she said, they will de facto have a soccer program for older girls and will then be able to add a program for younger girls. The seeds were first planted in Quallah Loqman.  And the girls are having fun! (see video)


In April we were asked by the village of Reshkor to add playground equipment to their school for girls. We did. We were also asked to fund the cost of providing additional math and science classes after school. We are. Recently they asked TIE to provide the funds needed to add a soccer field and a soccer program.  We have said we will, if their parents agree to provide their children with the soccer clothing and shoes they need. Note the attempt to introduce cost sharing into this request. We’re waiting for their response. We also asked them if they would have a soccer program for girls. THEY WILL!

Reshkor is located very near Quallah Loqman. Inter-village soccer play for the girls is not far away.

Poster child soccer player

                                            PASS IT TO ME!

All things considered, we’re doing fine, and looking forward to doing more, notwithstanding setbacks and world events.


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