Latest News: Zohra’s school is rising up!…July 12, 2011

May 2011 Creating the rebar structure on the foundation

July 2011 The shape of the classrooms is emerging

To create a better life for their daughters, the villagers of Farza are hard at work on Zohra’s school for girls. They are volunteering to build this school which will have 10 classrooms and educate 350 girls who currently have no school in the village.  It is great to see the progress–the classrooms are taking shape!

The progress is even more remarkable because a few weeks ago a rocket was launched at the dome on site that was to be used as a classroom.  It turns out that some Taliban feel that the “dome shape” should only be used as a mosque,  not a school.  Though the guard was injured and had to receive medical care, the villagers are undaunted and not only continue to build the school but also repaired the dome.   We have to admire these Afghans who are going great lengths to educate their daughters.


July 2011 Brick by brick, the walls are going up!



The villagers send their thanks to you for financing their school!

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