Latest News: Green “Waves of Grain” June 7, 2011


Last fall, at the villagers’ request, we decided to try supplying improved wheat seed to a few farmers. Nabi’s company Pacific Seed donated the seed and we shipped it to Afghanistan.


Well, the grain has not yet been harvested yet but the excitement is in!  Our project manager Maiwand  visited one of the farmers in the village of  Qallah Safid who had received the seed. The field had abundant wheat and the farmer was very happy with our seed. The farmer showed Maiwand how much bigger his bunch of wheat is than that grown from the local seed. They will harvest this wonderful wheat in about a month. Now the neighboring farmers want in on the deal. 🙂


Wheat is Afghanistan’s staple crop, so if farmers grow a lot more from their seed, they will greatly increase their ability to feed themselves.  Thanks to Nabi for this seed and to the farmers who were willing to take a risk and try something new when their livelihood was at stake. Now we know another surefire way to help.

Afghan farmer shows off the abundant fields from improved wheat seed

This plentiful crop should be "amber" and ready for harvest in a month


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