Educate a Mind, and Change Their World: Our Latest Project with Khan Academy girls at computerEducation is the solution to almost everything. But, how do we make a quality education accessible to all? One solution is to provide free educational software on the internet. This is the vision of Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy. Afghanistan’s public school system and most Afghan families don’t have computers. Nor can they afford access to the internet. Even if they could, the Khan Academy videos are in English. Our solution: Provide translated educational videos and material offline.  Read more….. FINALLY – The Book is Here!!

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KHALED HOSSEINI, author of best selling novels The Kite Runner,  A Thousand Splendid Suns and And the Mountain Echoed writes: “Budd MacKenzie’s book is more than a chronicling of his extraordinary humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan since 2003 – which my foundation has been proud to support.  Budd’s book is a passionate cry against apathy and its insidious power.  It is a call to action.  In his own words, hope is not a strategy.  MacKenzie, an ordinary person moved to service by a deep sense of goodwill and moral urgency, bravely challenges ordinary Americans to join the struggle against poverty and human suffering.  He asks us to not forget that millions inside war-wracked Afghanistan, especially children and women, remain marginalized, brutalized, and in need of education, work, food, shelter.  He asks that we give something of ourselves to those who, as the fable goes, suffer the most and cry out the least.  Not only because it is needed, or the right thing to do.  But because, as Winston Churchill put it, you make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.  Budd MacKenzie has made himself quite a life.”


TIE’s Solar Cookers Wins Prestigious Award

Excuse us for tooting our own horn, but it was recently announced that Jack Howell, TIE’s Solar Oven Project Director, has brought a singular honor to TIE — the prestigious 2015 Energy Globe Afghanistan Award!

Header Solar oven CLC

Learn more about Jack, our cookers, and our award.

TIE’s Scavenger Hunt (something everyone can do from home)

I am often asked what people can do to help TIE other than write a check. It’s difficult to find work for everyone. Most of our work is done in Afghanistan. We finally have something everyone can do.

How can you help? Join TIE’s first scavenger hunt. Search for videos on YouTube that are informative, interesting and/or funny that needn’t be translated into Dari or Pashto and send the link to us.  We’ll upload the videos to our computer libraries and tablets in Afghanistan, which will make them even more enjoyable to explore.

Below is an example.

Read more about our YouTube Video library here…

Class of 2014 -Meet Our Graduates!

???????????????????????????????TIE, as most of you know, has had a sponsorship program since 2009, whereby families and schools have been sponsoring Afghan children. Most were working on the streets of Kabul. These children were not able to go to school. Their families needed the income they were generating on the streets.

Support of $50 has made it possible for sponsored children to permanently get off the streets and go to school.  We now have 70 children in the program and will be adding more next month, when the new school year begins.

The 2014 school year ended last November. Eight sponsored children graduated from high school, took the national college exam and are awaiting results. All eight plan to go to college and will likely get in. We also have our first college graduate, Zohra!!!!!